Sign Up FAQ

General Questions

Q: Why would I sign up?

A: You should read the Why Sign Up page!  Tournament of Champions, historical standings for your team, invites to private events and other tournaments... the list goes on and on.


Q: What can I expect in the not-too-future?

A: The Registered Teams area will be expanded to show reports, subjects of media rounds, more detailed score reporting, and more!  We're sorry, as much as you want it, we won't be posting the questions here...


Registered Team Questions

Q: What a username vs. a Registered Team Name?

A: The Registered Team Name is a name that you can have displayed on standings on the WhatTrivia Site leaderboard.  The team username is a 12 character word with no spaces you reserved when you signed up for your registered team.  This is an easy to remember way to identify yourself to your WhatTrivia host. Be sure to give your host your username, or you will not be awarded any event points for that appearance.

Example of your team name vs. your username:
Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.01.20 PM.png 

Q: Why is team name, username, and event name so confusing?

A: People like having creative names week to week.  We wanted to give you the ability to have a different name at every event, show up on the leaderboard as a name you and your competitors could recognize, but still have a unique, easy to remember way to identify your registered team to your host.

Q: What is a "My Favorite Bar"?

A: Your Favorite Bar is the place you play most frequently over time.  This is calculated from submitted scores for your team's username.


Q: How do I change my Registered Team's username?

A: For now... You can't.  So choose wisely!  Because of how the data's imported, we can't currently map old data with new data in case there's a screw-up.  We swear it's for your own safety as well as our own.  Give us a bit to work it out.