Registered Teams - What's it All About?

One of the most fun things about trivia is coming up with a comical, topical (alright, I admit it, somewhat non-politically-correct) team name.  But we here at WhatTrivia wanted to give teams a way to track themselves, rank week over week, and ultimately do a Tournament of Champions.  One of the core tenets of WhatTrivia is to stay decidedly analog (keeping cell phones out of it) so we came up with this little system.

First, some definitions:

In short, You register a team, pick a name you want to show up on the site, pick a username for us to identify you, and then every trivia night you can play as a different, topical, comedic team name.  Or you can be plain and just rock the same team name week-to-week, so that other regulars can boo your constant winning.

What if the Team Captain Can't Be There?

You are more than welcome to give your username to another person.  Just realize that you are trusting your username to another person (and it currently cannot be changed).  So make sure you trust them to represent you and trust them to not use it if and when they shouldn't.

What is this Home Location Stuff?

You've registered at your favorite place to play, but you want to play at another location.  Please use your username! Any WhatTrivia location you play at will count toward some of the standings.  Home location only comes into play when regional competitions are created.  At that point you will be ranked, and asked to represent, your home location.

Can I Play as My Username Outside of My Home Location?

YES! The home location will only be used for regional competitions.  WhatTrivia-wide competitions aggregate your registered team score every time you give your username to the host, no matter the location.

How Do I See My Standings?

Currently, the standings are manually uploaded, so it's not immediate. But by the end of the night, or the next day at the latest, if you log into the site and go to registered teams, you can see your aggregate score and currently your week over week standings.  This is where you will see registered teams leaderboards and upcoming private events like the Tournament of Champions.  Also, planned down the road is an automatic notification when standings and events are published, but we're not there yet.

In Summary

It's a little confusing, but this is just the first release.  We're working to make it better, clearer, and will add many more features in the not-too-distant future.  If you have any questions, ask your trivia host or send us an email at

Thanks for reading!
James & Candice

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