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Build a team of the smartest people you know, because it's about to get difficult!  WhatTrivia involves teams of up to 8 competing in all areas of trivia, from current events, to history, to math, science, literature, etc. Four rounds of five questions with a half time and final question determine the champion of trivia for the night.

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We are currently looking for more locations in the Hartford and New Haven areas! Please contact us if you are an interested location, or apply here if you'd like to host!

2017 Tournament of Champions

Want your chance at the $1200 first place prize?! Details are out!

View 2017 Tournament Details Here

2018 Team Leaderboard

Top 20 as of 03/20/2018

Rank Team Points
1 Hrainbow 38
2 Wings Bro 36
3 In One Ear and Out Your Mother 33
4 Steady Habit Brewing Company Trivia Team 26
4 Your Mom 26
6 Box of Rocks 25
7 Prince 24
8 Chef's Choice 23
8 Fear the Children! 23
10 Double Trouble 22
10 I'm so Fancy 22
12 Clit Something 21
13 Stephen Hawkings School of Dance 20
13 Nasty Woman 20
13 Yassss Queen 20
16 Team Bonding 19
16 Bed, Bath, and Beyonce 19
18 Cheese and Crackwhores 16
19 Gryffindor 15
19 I'm Too Drunk to taste this chicken 15
19 The Wet Bandits 15
19 Ray Dogs 15

PastTournament Results

Tournament of Champions 2016

Tournament of Champions 2015

Weekly Events


Arch Street Tavern @ 7pm

Artisanal Burger Co @ 7:30pm

Killer B SONO @ 8pm

White Dog Cafe @ 7pm


Tuscany Grill @ 7pm

@ 8pm

 @ 8pm


Taphouse150 @ 8pm

La Vita @ 7:30pm

Trinity College @ 8pm
(Students Only)


Steady Habit Brewing Co
Every Other Friday

Wesleyan Univ @9pm
(Students Only)

Waterbury Palace Theater

Select Thursdays at 6:30pm

March 22, 2018
April 12, 2018
May 10, 2018
June 21, 2018

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